Prayers in English and Latin

Start praying in Latin

If you are just getting started praying in Latin, you might want to begin with something very familiar, such as the Signum Crucis (or Sign of the Cross), the Pater Noster (or Our Father), and the Ave María (or Hail Mary).

Read and listen

Any prayer marked with this symbol spoken has an audio recording of that prayer spoken in Latin. And any prayer marked with this symbol sung has an audio recording of that prayer chanted in Latin.

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Links to all prayers

English Latin
Act of Contrition Actus Contritiónis
Act of Faith Actus Fidéi
Act of Hope Actus Spei
Act of Love Actus Caritátis
Apostles’ Creed Symbólum Apostolórum
Blessing After Meals Benedíctio Post Mensam
Blessing Before Meals Benedíctio Ante Mensam
Come Holy Ghost Veni Sancte Spíritus spoken sung
Confiteor Confíteor spoken
Fatima Prayer Orátio Fátimae
Glory to God Glória in Excélsis spoken
Glory Be Glória Patri spoken
Hail Holy Queen Salve Regína spoken sung
Hail Mary Ave María spoken sung
Magnificat Magníficat
Memorare Memoráre spoken
Nicene Creed Credo spoken sung
Our Father Pater Noster spoken sung
Prayers after the Rosary Ad Finem Rosárii Dicéndae
Queen of Heaven Regína Caeli spoken
Sign of the Cross Signum Crucis spoken
To Saint Michael Sancte Míchaël Archángele spoken